Copyright And Trademark Policy

At Dreamify we care deeply about protecting the intellectual property created and shared by our community of Creators on our platform. We encourage everyone to create and share original content. Dreamify defines original content to be content that does not infringe upon another individuals or entities pre-existing copyright or trademark. We will remove any content that infringes someone's else's intellectual property rights. 

What Is Copyright?

Copyright is a legal right that protects original works of authorship (e.g., music, videos) and original expression of an idea (e.g., the specific way a video or music is expressed or created), although it does not protect underlying ideas or facts.

What Is a Trademark? 

A trademark is a word, symbol, slogan, or design that identifies and distinguishes the source of a product or service. 

The use of copyrighted work under certain circumstances, such as the fair use doctrine or other applicable laws, or the use of a trademark to reference, lawfully comment, criticize, parody, make a fan page, or review a product or service, may not be considered a violation of our policies.

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